Large-scale development works were initiated in the emerging and developing Turkey of the 1950s. As a result of researches performed for the supply of the cement to be used in these studies, it was decided that a cement plant with a capacity of 150.000 tons / year would be established in Adana, taking into account the development and consumption data of Cukurova.

The efforts for establishment were started in 1953 under the leadership of Turkiye Emlak Bankasi, Akbank and Turkiye Is Bankasi, and Cukurova Cimento Sanayii T.A.S (Cukurova Cement Industry Trade Inc.) was officially incorporated on 7th October 1954, and started production and sales of cement in 1957. 2.775 tons cement were exported to Cyprus, marking the first cement export.

With its facilities extended to the Mediterranean Region and Cyprus, Adana Cement currently has an annual production capacity of 2 million tons of gray clinker, 300.000 tons of white clinker, 5.15 million tons of gray cement, and 350.000 tons of white cement.

In line with the vision, mission and values of Adana Cement;

Our Vision

To become an esteemed, leader and reliable company developing areas of cement use, playing an efficient role in global markets.

Our Mission

To work effectively, efficiently and with high sense of responsibility by showing respect to the society and environment, and to ensure sustainable profitability.

Our Values

Creativity / Transparency / Trustworthiness / Respect Towards People and Environment / Customer and Personnel Satisfaction / Perfection / Competitiveness / Credibility / OYAK Culture

Details of the Plant

  • LOCATION: Adana
  • FIELD OF ACTIVITY: Production and Sales of Clinker, Cement and Ready-Mix Concrete

Adana Cement Plants


Gray and white cement production is performed at the central plant of Adana Cement. The entire gray and white clinker production capacity is positioned at the central plant, and the plant also has an annual cement production capacity of 3.5 million in Adana.


There are a total of 7 ready-mix concrete plants, 5 of which (Iskenderun, Antakya, Kirikhan, Narduzu and Samandag) provide service in Hatay, and the remaining 2 of which (Arpacbahsis and Mersin) provide service in Mersin.

Among such plants, Iskenderun, Kirikhan, Arpacbahsis and Mersin plants have been rented out. Ready-mix concrete plants located in Antakya, Samandag and Narduzu, provide service within the organization of the Company.

The ready-mix concrete production capacity of 3 plants is 330.000 m³/year in total.


The slag and slag cement grinding plant with a capacity of 1 million ton/year, which has been operating since 1977, and which was purchased by Adana Cement in 2007, was established in order to assess the slag, which is the by-product of Iskenderun Iron & Steel Plant; and it is the biggest slag cement seller of Turkey.


It is the slag and slag cement grinding plant with a capacity of 1 million ton/year, which was put into operation in the second quarter of 2009 (April 2009), and which is situated within the site of Iskenderun Iron & Steel Plant, and which utilizes the state-of-the-art technologies.


The plant, which was established in 2006 in order to carry out bulk and bagged cement marketing activities in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, continues to contribute to the development of the region.

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In 1954, foundation of the rotary kiln #1, which was the first dry process rotary kiln in the world, was laid.
In 1957, the rotary kiln #1 was put into operation with the clinker production capacity of 150.000 tons.
In 1965, the rotary kiln #2 was put into operation, and the annual clinker production capacity reached up to 400.000 tons.
In 1973, the rotary kiln #3 was put into operation, and the annual clinker production capacity reached up to 850.000 tons.
In 1977, the rotary kiln #4 was put into operation, and the annual clinker production capacity reached up to 1.450.000 tons.
In 1997, the annual clinker production capacity reached up to 2.300.000 tons though the precalcination investment in the rotary kiln #4.
In 1998, the rotary kiln #1 started to produce white clinker with the capacity of 85.000 tons on annual basis, by leveraging on its knowledge and technology.
In 2003, the plant was linked to the national railway network through the railway branch line.
During 2003, the clinker discharge, storage and loading plant was put into operation at the harbor reach of Iskenderun Demir ve Celik A.S. (Isdemir) (Iskenderun Iron & Steel Inc.).
On May 1, 2007, Iskenderun Grinding and Packaging Plant with the Slag Cement Grinding capacity of 1.000.000 tons/year, and 5 Ready-Mix Concrete plants joined Adana Cimento Sanayi T.A.S. (Adana Cement Industry Trade Inc.).
In 2009, the annual white clinker production capacity reached up to 300.000 tons with white clinker investment in the rotary kiln #3.
Slag cement grinding plant with the capacity of 1 million tons/year was started to be constructed at the site of Iskenderun Demir ve Celik A.S. (Isdemir) (Iskenderun Iron & Steel Inc.), and the plant was put into operation by the end of April 2009.
In 2010, bag filter investment in the rotary kilns #1 and #2, and in 2013, bag filter investment in the rotary kiln #4 were performed.
In 2012, the investment in the enclosed stock hall for coal, with the capacity of 20.000 tons, was completed.
On 06.11.20115, the Committee of Acceptance of the Directorate General of Tedas (Turkish Electricity Distribution Corporation) officially accepted Solar Energy Plant (GES) with the installed power of 999kW in total. This plant, to produce electric energy of 1.600.000kWh on annual basis, consists of 4012 solar panels, each of which has the voltage of 30V.DC and the power of 240-260W, as well as of 50 invertors. The plant will annually reduce the emission of CO2 of 856.000 kg equivalent to the amount of CO2 emission prevented by 850 trees of 40 years during their lifetime.