Large-scale development works were initiated in the emerging and developing Turkey of the 1950s. As a result of researches performed for the supply the cement to be used in these studies, it was decided that a cement plant with a capacity of 150.000 tons / year would be established in Adana, taking into account the development and consumption data of Cukurova.

The efforts for incorporation were started in 1953 under the leadership of Turkiye Emlak Bankasi, Akbank and Turkiye Is Bankasi; Cukurova Cement Industry Trade Inc. was officially incorporated as per the provisions of Turkish Commercial Code upon being registered on 5th October 1954 and announced on the local newspaper on 7th October 1954, starting production in 1957.

Officially launched on 26th May 1957, the plant started cement sales in June 1957. The first cement export was performed to Cyprus in amount of 2.775 tons.

With its facilities extended to the Mediterranean Region and Cyprus, Adana Cement currently has an annual production capacity of 2 million tons of gray clinker, 300.000 tons of white clinker, 5.15 million tons of gray cement, 350,000 tons of white cement.



Gray and white cement production is performed at the central plant of Adana Cement. The entire gray and white clinker production capacity is positioned at the central plant, and the plant also has an annual cement production capacity of 3.5 million in Adana.


5 ready-mix concrete plants provide service in Hatay province. These plants are located in Iskenderun, Narduzu, Antakya, Kirikhan and Samandag. Each plant has a ready-mix concrete production capacity of 110.000 m³/year, and a total concrete production capacity of 550.000m³/year.


The cement grinding plant with a capacity of 1 million ton/ year, performing activity since 1977 and purchased by Adana Cement in 2007, was launched to process the slag which is a byproduct of Iskenderun Iron & Steel Plant; and it is the biggest slag cement seller of Turkey.


It is the slag and slag cement grinding plant with a capacity of 1 million ton/ year, which was put into operation in the second quarter of 2009 (April 2009), located within the site of Iskenderun Iron & Steel Plant, and using the state-of-the-art technologies.


It is the packaging plant performing activity for East Mediterranean market.


The facility, which was launched in 2006 to perform bulk and bagged cement marketing activities in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, continues to contribute to the development of the region.


Having been started in the 1st rotary kiln in 1998 by developing necessary processes and systems totally with the efforts of the company personnel without outsourcing any project and engineering service, white clinker production has been ongoing at a whiteness rate of 85% at our rotary kiln upon completion of the modification of our 3rd rotary kiln in March 2009. With this investment, our white clinker production capacity of 90.000 ton/ year reached up to 300.000 ton/ year.

The plant was linked to the national railway network with the railway branch line in Jauary 2003. The clinker discharge, storage and loading plant was put into operation at the harbor reach of Iskenderun Demir ve Celik A.S. (Isdemir) within the same year.

The title of the company, to which Armed Forces Pension Fund (OYAK) became a partner in 1963, was changed as Adana Cement Industry Trade Inc. in 1986.

It was resolved on 28.11.1990 tat 47,28% of our capital would be offered to public; accordingly, the shares offered to public on 21st February 1991 were first traded at Istanbul Stock Exchange (IMKB) with the code
- ADANA for Group A,
- ADBGR for Group B,
- ADNAC for Group C.

Adana Cement is the corporate tax champion of Adana province since 2001.


The management system certificates held by Adana Cement are;

TS EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System

TS EN ISO 14001: 2005 Environmental Management System

TS 18001: 2008 Occupational Health and Safety Management System