Cement production at Adana Cement Plant is in conformity with TS EN 197-1 and other relevant cement standards.

Name Of Product Type Standard Area Of Use
White Portland Cement CEM I 52,5 R (WHITE) TS EN 197-1
TS 21
Top quality white cement (Super White) is a hydraulic binder produced for decorative purposes. Its basic distinctive properties are high strength gain, aesthetic and decorative features, smooth surface and elegant appearance. It has a minimum whiteness rate of 85%.
White Portland Limestone Cement CEM II/B-LL 42,5 R (WHITE) TS EN 197-1 Portland Limestone white cement (Extra White) is for general use and structures with aesthetic purposes. With its fine quality, the product provides smoother surfaces. As blended cement, it is also an environment-friendly product. It has a minimum whiteness rate of 82%.
Portland Cement CEM I 42,5 R TS EN 197-1 This product is for general use. It is a type of cement used in concrete manufacturing where high-strength concrete is required and the first strength is to be high.
Portland Composite Cement CEM II/B-M (S-P) 42,5 N
CEM II/B-M (S-P) 42,5 R (Iskenderun)
TS EN 197-1 It can be used in areas where portland cement is used. As it contains additives, its heat of hydration is lower in comparison with portland cement.
Granulated Blast Furnace Slag Cement CEM III/A 42,5 N
CEM III/A 42,5 N (Iskenderun)
CEM III/B 42,5 N (Iskenderun)
TS EN 197-1 In construction works such as coast and harbour constructions, offshore structures, waste water plants, etc. requiring resistance against chemical attacks as well as dams, reinforced concrete underground water pipes, tunnel linings, in constructions for general purpose and in mass concrete requiring low heat of hydration.
Composite Cement CEM V/A (S-P) 32,5 R
CEM V-A(S-P-V) 32,5R
CEM V/A (S-P) 32,5 R (Iskenderun)
TS EN 197-1 It is generally used in dams, plaster and masonry mortar, flumes, treatment plants, mass concrete casting, paving concrete and production of building chemicals.
Granulated Blast Furnace Slag 2055-CPR-156-TR
2055-CPD-053 (Iskenderun)
TS EN 15167-1 It is used as an additive component in ready-mix concrete, in production of type CEM III Slag cement or other types of blended cement.
Special Types Of Cement

Various types of cement designed specially depending on customer needs: The cement used in Marmaray underwater tube tunnel, sulfate-resistant cement, petroleum cement, etc.
What is Cement? The word cement is derived from the Latin word ‘caementum’ which means rough-cut stone.